Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

regrets and mistakes

its getting complicated right now. he left me for the second times because i fell in love with someone else. i just like that guy, but still...i have a very strong feelings for him

i regret yesterday when you were chasing me but then i refused...i keep telling him to stay away, even though i still love him. but everything has changed since he fell in love with another person...

he stopped texting me, i knew it before he told me that he had move on. it breaks my heart, i swear. and now he is the one who push me away from his life. well, i've never wanted him to stay away from me even though i have a crush on someone, because i knew he loves me thats why i wont hurt him and he told me that he'll loves me forever.

im still curious about that girl, now he's gone without regret. it's not him leaving me that could drive me insane, but its him....loving someone else more than he loved me. i just cant get over him. ive been trying so hard to stop thinking about him for several months but i keep falling for the same patterns.

le, if you are reading this....
i just want you to know that how many times i tried to kill me feelings, i always end up crying because the voices in my head keeps telling me that i still love you. its okay if youre moving on, but please...never forget with our promises. because i know sooner or later you will never come back, but please...never forget me. our beautiful memories. i love you more than i love myself.

p.s. i will always love you

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