Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

dear F,

You're the best boyfriend I've ever had. Even tho you hurt me badly, I will always accept your apology. I just realized how much you love me no matter what, but I'm just another asshole that makes you feel like you're an LBR.

Everytime we had a big fight, I always spill all of my bad thoughts about you. But you never did. I always screaming in front of your face, which you never did to me. But today.....sorry, I mean yesterday at 23:20 pm....I punched your arms and trying so hard to gave you a bitch slap....yelling at you...punching your dashboard...grabbed your sleeves and prepared to puch you in the face (but I didn't do it, because its too much if I did it)...but still, you didn't do anything. You were just kept yourself in mute. Staring at me with those eyes that had hurt inside, but didn't try to stop me. He just let me hurt him, as long as I'm happy with that.

All I'm saying is....how selfish am I? HE LOVES ME! But I've never realized it until today.....oh God, I really feel sorry about him!


Senin, 18 Juli 2011

(´._.`)\('́⌣'̀ )

Punya pacar berasa gapunya, ditelfon aja udah gapernah, di mention/di wall aja udah gapernah. Diperhatiin aja jarang, datar banget lah lama2 makin sama aja kayak mantan gue : classic dan membosankan. Sabar ajadeh gue, berdoa suatu saat nanti Allah mendengar doa gue yang selalu gue pengenin dari dulu bgt.


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