Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

7 months and stuff

sup erryone?

hell yeah, happy anniversary to my beloved MUHAMMAD FAIZ ABDURRAHMAN! well, it used to be yesterday but i forgot to post it :p

i just wanna say hey to my blog! its been a long long time i havent post any of my stories to share since i had my tumblr *pshh dont tell my blog! it might get jealous :p* LOL. well just check out my tumblr ----> ITS LEGGO!

aaaaaanddd i dont know what im goin to share here...anyway, im off from school for 2 days! yeayyyyy! so excited even tho just for 2 days, can you guys imagine that? free from school stuffs that made me wanna puke on my chemical and physic text book, yuck!

by the way...wish me luck for everything especially passing grade and go to science class! talk to you later bloggers!

toodles! ,